Annika von Holdt. Photo © Lukas von Holdt, 2018.

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I am Annika von Holdt.

I am an award winning writer, IT-architect and programmer. I have written four bestselling thrillers, four books of non-fiction, two autobiographies – as a so called “ghostwriter” (a fancy euphemism for the idiot, who writes on behalf of someone else but doesn’t get any credit), two screenplays and a number of anthology contributions. I am also the private chauffeur, bank and deputy to a 14-year old sheriff, and I run an IT-gig on the side.

I was born on a small island in the Baltic Sea, grew up under Georgia’s hanging moss, studied in Italy and worked in Paris, Milan and New York. I currently live in Denmark with the sheriff, my husband of 20 years and a grumpy rescue cat. You’ll find Denmark on the blue marble to the far north. It’s the little speck above Germany that looks like a fly shit, and it’s cold. And I don’t particularly fancy the cold. I am a summer all year-advocate and drop anchor on a tiny island in the Bahamas a little more than regularly. Those of you who follow me on Instagram know, that my favourite philosopher is Jimmy Buffett and that my ambitions are pretty simple; I really just want to sit in the shade under a palm tree with my feet in pink sand and write stories.