The Sphere is my passion-driven IT and SOME-marketing universe. I specialise in IT-solutions, programming and social media marketing. I have 20 years of experience in different fields of information technology, programming, digital design, public relations and marketing. I am creative, imaginative, hands-on, fast, thorough, I have never missed a deadline or delivered a broken script. I have no boss or employees, and my clients communicate with me directly. No fuss. No confusion.

I help big as well as small businesses and brands with:

Architectures, IT-models & Guidelines


Programming & Website Design

Website coding
Custom-made graphic design
Development and implementation of algorithms
Script development: Server-side, Client-side, Database
Coding in Ruby, Python, Java, Pearl, PHP

Social Media Marketing

Influencer marketing
Ideas & Concepts
Social media strategies

Digital Art & Image Editing

Book cover design
Album cover design
Photo editing

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