Sleep Like The Dead

  • Title: Sov som de døde (Sleep like the Dead)
  • Author: Annika von Holdt
  • Genre: Thriller
  • Language: Danish
  • Format: Novel
  • Publisher: Lindhardt & Ringhof and Random House
  • In the night-dark recesses of rural Georgia, far away from the city’s reliable bustle, a victim of a terrible demented evil finds the strength to escape, if only for a short while. She is alive, but dead to the world: no one knows her name and nobody knows she went missing.

    In the wake of a personal tragedy, Máire Ann Mercer has to pick up the pieces of her shattered life and start all over again. This time with no real purpose.

    When a trip to Savannah suddenly turns into bizarre horror, Máire senses a deep danger and fears for the safety of a young woman, who seems to be held somewhere against her will at mortal risk.

    Máire turns to the police, but as she tries to make sense of the threat, the police are sceptical and uncooperative.

    Ignoring the dangers, Máire sets out to find the woman on her own, following an intuitive trail that leads to long-forgotten secrets deep within the sultry darkness of the woods.

    Annika von Holdt makes Dr. Lecter look like a boy scout … satanically black and merciless…
    –Jan Wandall. MetroXpress

    Merciless and unrestrained evil. As a reader you hardly breathe…
    –Ole Nørhave. Nordjyske