GUIDES|The Silver Lining


Title: The Silver Lining
Author: Annika von Holdt
Type: Article
Format: EPUB
Category: Beauty
Language: English
Words: ca. 5000


Are you thinking about growing out your natural grey or silver hair? Do you have concerns or questions about the process? Do you worry about what other people will say? Do you fear that grey hair will make you look old(er)?

I have had my natural silver hair colour for 6 years, and I wear it with pride and confidence. In fact, my hair colour has become my trademark; Chances are, you found me by searching for grey hair on the Internet. Women from all parts of the globe write to me every day with questions and concerns pertaining to grey hair. With The Silver Lining, I am addressing those questions, whilst sharing my own transition experience, and giving my advice on how to grow out your silver hair and maintain the colour afterward. Growing out my silver hair is one of the best and most liberating decisions I have ever made – beauty-wise. Grey and silver hair comes with benefits you may not have thought about.


Changing the mindset
The decision to transition
Taking the plunge
Care & Maintenance
My product recommendations
My 10-step makeup guide