My name is Annika von Holdt.

I am an award-winning author of four bestselling thrillers. Additionally, I have written four books of non-fiction, two screenplays, two autobiographies as a ghost writer and a number of short stories and anthology contributions.

I am also a programmer and technical writer. I dabble in computer science and IT security. I am a passionate aviator too. I can not cook or make a decent cup of coffee, but I can fly a SEP aircraft and recite The Godfather, both of which come in handy sometimes, respectively.

I was born on a small island in Denmark, spent the first six years of my existence in the US under Savannah’s hanging moss, and while I have since lived, studied and worked around the world, Savannah with its pretty name and genteel people will always be my hometown. I currently live on the other side of the globe with my husband and our teenage son. A grumpy rescue cat and an angel disguised as a golden retriever are under my protective custody as well.