“Annika von Holdt writes hair-raisingly well and keeps the suspense in a tight grip…”
–Holger Ruppert. BT
Packed with action and suspense …”
“Fierce thriller. Annika von Holdt draws from her great geographical and cultural outlook…”
–Annette Kruhøffer. Østerbro Avisen
Well-written and ingeniously composed …”


Annika von Holdt is supremely good…”
–Hans Larsen. Ekstra Bladet
A brilliant thriller with a salty vengeance…”
–Heidi Korsgaard. IN
Keeps you locked in reading ecstasy from the first to the last page…”
–Robert Rasmussen. Fiction & Kultur
“Annika von Holdt makes Dr. Lecter look like a boy scout … satanically black and merciless…”
–Jan Wandall. MetroXpress
“Merciless and unrestrained evil. As a reader you hardly breathe…”
–Ole Nørhave. Nordjyske


What you have here is one of the best and most accomplished thrillers ever written…”
–Erik Haaest. Fyldepennen
Annika von Holdt plays cleverly with characters and readers…”
–Karin Gråbæk. ALT
Loaded with an ambience of creeping, gothic suspense that scared the daylights out of me…”
–Carsten Nørby Sørensen. Lektør
Categorical massage of the nerve fibres…”
–Karin Pedersen. Nordjydske Stiftstidende
Annika von Holdt has written a brilliant plot with a sinister and thought-provoking finale…”
–Keld Nissen. Berlingske
A classic with its psychological twist and ominous ending …”
–Holbæk Venstreblad
“Created for the night hours, and Annika von Holdt is first rate with international standards…”
–Bente Wiik. Fyns Amts Avis
“Annika von Holdt delivers with this, her second novel, cleverly set on the genre’s fundamentals of funerals and lingering remnants…”
–Bo Tao Michaelis. Politiken


Genuine suspense that won’t let you go until the last page has been turned …”
–Bente Wiik. Fyns Amts Avis
Annika von Holdt has a particular talent for the macabre. She manipulates masterly with readers and characters alike …”
–K.E. Watz. Lolland-Falster Folketidende
Annika von Holdt never drops the ball … prepare yourself for a sleepless night …”
A confident and solid piece of work from an author who did her homework …”
–Katinka Bruhn. Berlingske Weekend Avis
The story captivates and mesmerises … Annika von Holdt is a dab hand at plotting a good story. Make a note of her name …”
–Erik Haaest. Fyldepennen
“Annika von Holdt locks the reader in a tight grip of constant suspense…”
–Kirsten Purkær. Vestkysten
“Enjoy the ride to Nightmare…”
–Fyns Amts Avis