Pantomime at Copenhagen Airport.

Novels | Thrillers
PANTOMIME – (Suspense. L&R)
SOV SOM DE DØDE – (Thriller. L&R)
NATTETIMEN – (Thriller. L&R)
HJEMSØGT – (Thriller. L&R)

TRADEWINDS – (Coffee table book. Travel)
FIREFLIES – (Coffee table book. Travel)
WHALE TALES – (Coffee table book. Travel)
DECORATING WITH LESS – (Coffee table book. Interior Design)

NATTETIMEN – (Rialto Film)
THE LAKE HOUSE – (Rialto Film)

Anthology Contributions
The Rain in my Heart – (Metropolitan, Erotic Novels by Women)
Fairytale of Copenhagen – (L&R, Flere Bitre Mandler)

Short Fiction
The Praying Hour – (Cemetery Dance)
Strange Angels – (Cemetery Dance)
The other side of Elm Street – (Cemetery Dance)
13 Hours – (Cemetery Dance)
Amaranth – (Cemetery Dance)
The Ghost Mask – (Cemetery Dance)
Envy’s Sister – (Cemetery Dance)
The Dark Garden – (Cemetery Dance)
Cemetery Blues – (Cemetery Dance)
I dare you to love me – (Cemetery Dance)
When Angels Weep – (Cemetery Dance)
Mr. Wright – (Cemetery Dance)
Laid to Rest – (Cemetery Dance)
The Bones of Rose – (Cemetery Dance)
Alabaster – (Cemetery Dance)
Voices – (Cemetery Dance)
The Asylum – (Cemetery Dance)
Malfunction – (Cemetery Dance)
The Fiddleback – (Cemetery Dance)
The Black Candle – (Cemetery Dance)