No paws or claws on the furniture.

Annika von Holdt. Com has been alive since sometime in May, 1998. The last couple of years, this website has been a waste of space pretty much like that 5-8 inches space between the bottom of a disrespectfully tall teenager’s shirt and the top of his over-sized trousers, ignored by its owner and just about everyone else too. But we’re back with a fresh layout and good intentions to blog and update on a more regular basis.

So, welcome back. Step lightly and do take a minute to get familiar with the house rules around here. Click below!

House Rules

This web-site runs an Arsehole Detector Plug-inTM that automatically collects and stores information about image-thieves and arseholes, including, but not limited to: their name, address, current location, telephone number, credit-card information, medical record, weight, age and sexual orientation. We elect to share this information with every telemarketer, we can think of, and any third-party, including stalkers, wankers and perverts, who cares to listen. And everyone else too.

Unfortunately, we all know what an arsehole is, don’t we? But what is an image-stealing arsehole, you may ask. It’s pretty simple. And there’s no get-out-of-jail free card on this;

1. If you take a photo from the Internet (anywhere on the Internet, and especially this website), and you post that photo, without permission or credit to the original source, somewhere (i.e., your website, blog, social media feed etc.), you meet the criteria of ‘image-stealing arsehole’.

2. If you take a photo from another image-stealing arsehole, alas, you don’t know the original image source, and you’re thinking that is a legit excuse, you’re an ignorant image-stealing arsehole.

3. If you post a photo that is not yours, thinking the source, surely, should be flattered that you like their photo enough to post it as your own, you’re an image-stealing arsehole who deserves to be slapped in the face, repeatedly, with a used tampon.

Don’t beat us with a sack of righteous indignation just yet: If you are not an image-stealing arsehole, who forgot to download the World Memo from the International Copyright HQ that says stealing is not sexy, and if you’re not using our images on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter – without permission or credit – to promote yourself and your business or “inspire” your clueless followers and friends, or you’re not otherwise being annoying, you can disregard the above, kick back and get comfortable here on Annika von Holdt. Com.

Because we are all about sharing and being sexy.