Annika von Holdt.

Hi, I am Annika.

I am a secular egalitarian, humanist and libertarian, in thought and action, and circumstantially intercultural. How is that for an introduction?

Yeah, I know. Fancy words and a possible brain freeze. But it sums me up pretty accurately, and what it means, is, that I live where I hang my hat, I never had a big plan, I believe in free speech, free will and equal rights for everybody, and I don’t subscribe to any religious doctrines, palimpsests or ideologies (I am not against them either – although I do see a problem with the way, some mental midgets interpret and apply them).

I was born on a small island in the Baltic Sea, grew up under Georgia’s hanging moss, went to school in Denmark, studied in Italy, worked in Paris, Milan & New York and fell in love with an Danish/Indonesian aristocrat with a German name. I married him too – 19 years ago, hence my surname.

After a decade in the field of fashion, working as a model and public relations manager, followed by another fast-paced career in IT-tecnology, as a programmer and developer, I felt the need for a complete change and turned to writing literature in 2002.

I have written three bestselling thrillers and a suspense novel, a book of non-fiction on interior design, two autobiographies – as a so called ‘ghostwriter’ (euphemism for the idiot who writes on behalf of someone else but doesn’t get any credit), two screenplays and a number of anthology contributions (see list). Screw you, English teacher, who said I was only capable of using the left side of my brain!

I am also the private chauffeur, bank and deputy to a 13-year old sheriff, and I run an IT-gig on the side. I currently hang my straw hat in Denmark and drop anchor in the Bahamas a little more than regularly.