Feel free to send me a note. I accept harmless flattery in all currencies and at all hours of the day. Send compliments, praise and virtual flowers to:


I get all kinds of inquiries and e-mails these days, and although I bow to the God within you, there are certain limits to what I can help you with, and some of those limits fall in the following categories:


There’s no complaints department around here. If you’ve got issues, problems or complaints, call your mother; Her elves will sort it. It’s their job.

Free Work

If you are a publisher, and you think, that I might want to write a story for your sensational anthology for free, ask yourself whether you would work for free (emphasis on work). If the answer is NO, then you probably don’t want to ask me either. The same principle applies to speeches and lectures on writing. And to social media collaborations. And to everything else, too. I don’t work for free, unless it’s for charity.

Bahamas Questions

If you are a travel enthusiast, and you think, that I could provide you with a day by day itinerary for your upcoming trip to the Bahamas, you are right. I could; But I won’t. I am not a travel agent. By popular demand, I have put A Guide to Harbour Island on the blog. And you’ll have to Google the rest.

Grey Hair Questions

If you have questions about my grey hair, or concerns about your own grey hair transition, please have a look at: The Silver Lining. I have covered pretty much everything I know about grey hair (I may even have repeated myself) in that blog post.


If you stumbled upon some of my lightly dressed images on Instagram, and you got a little excited (yes, I am a self-flattering mind reader), your wifey is in the basement doing laundry or in the kitchen preparing your children’s lunch boxes, and you reckon that is the perfect opportunity to reach out to a stranger online with a little rehearsed, sexually-charged bull shit, then you meet the criteria of ‘arsehole’, and you are not only barking up the wrong tree, you are out of line.