A question of grey


September 30th, 2016



I get a lot of questions on my hair; How I achieved the colour, how I grew it out, what I do to maintain it etc. I’ve written a rather lengthy blog post about it a while ago. Find it here

There’s not really any hokus pokus to it. I simply decided to embrace my silver and my age about 5 years ago. I know many women my age want to get rid of the shackles of constant hair colouring, but they are afraid they’ll look older, less attractive, colourless, and quite a few are even afraid of being judged, that people will think they let themselves go. I can only say, that as far as I know, that never happened to me. In fact, I’ve never gotten this many compliments, even young girls stop me on the street to ask how I achieved my hair colour. There’s no shame in getting older – think of the alternative! Embrace yourselves for what you are and every minute you get!